Do What You Love ♥

📅 May 23, 2020

Just Ask

I had this question in mind that I posted in the discussion group of Product Hunt. See image above.

As I was in the point of my maker-life where I don't know what to build next.

I was torn between building based on what I love doing versus building based on what the market is saying in which mostlikely, something that I won't like doing.

Receive Advice

I got blessed to receive several very rich answers and advices from the maker community that really helped me to move forward.

But my personal take away from our discussion was to find the right balance between the two.

As for me, I'm going to start BIA (Business Insights & Analytics) because this is something I believe I love doing and at the same time, I forsee this as something that can be of help to other people as well.


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